About us

CUSFAP was born in 1979 with the purpose of manufacturing and grinding special tools. Over the years, by acquiring new customers, it has turned into a tool making factory, in order to meet the market’s needs, it has specialized in the mechanical toll manufacturing of mills and turns.

Our factory develops on 800 sqm on two different floors. On the ground floor is the tool making department and administration and in the basement there is the assembly department, the department for adjusting dies and moulding plastic, a wide warehouse and an area where raw materials are stocked.

Through toll manufacturing our company is able to produce different kinds of solutions, from a single detail to a medium-size product, starting from a design provided by the customer. Cusfap is able to meet its customers’ needs, through designing and manufacturing the products.

Industry 4.0

Since 2018 we have introduced a new management software based on the industry 4.0 model.

Thanks to this program, we are able to acquire client orders and the administration office can send them directly to all the other departments:

one such department is the design and development department, where tridimensional CAD – CAM models and simulations of processing are integrated. Once completed, the orders are updated in the production departments using iPads or directly on CNC machines. This enables the operator to start production and it updates its progress automatically.

This process helps in monitoring all steps, delivery schedules, raw material supplies, consumables and external manufactures.


via Stelvio, 10 
23014 Delebio (So)
Tel.  0342 684168  
Fax. 0342 1890174

P.IVA 00166170142

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